The BLACK AGE OF COMICS  - "Indie today:  Black Age forever!"

Buy and Read"The Birth of the Black Age". The Founder of the Black Age Movement tells the story about the forces that led him to launch the most creative genre in this industry. Onli provides insights to those magical early days plus facts related to graphic novel production and collecting. 
A great Amazon/Kindle read for professionals, students & fans!

Funky Turns 40 hit N.Y. at the Schomburg.

The USA Postal Service has issued a new stamp illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez in tribute to American icon and musical genius, guitar wizard..Jimi Hendrix.  

ONLI STUDIOS was featured at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago recently.
William Hayashi was, featured for  the Annual Black Comic Book Day signings Feb. 8th, noon til 5pm at the DuSable Museum's Trading Post gift shop. Plus autographed products from ONLI STUDIOS.

 In Chicago near the campus of the University of Chicago and the personal home of President Obama.


Meet the minds behind the most important book in the Black Age....."Black Comix".
What da funk is this all about anyway?
Visit the Museum of Uncut Funk!!! Solid!
An online community for creative people.
Where it all goes down,,,,,,
Here is a sample of the Black Super Hero Montage by that master of the Black Age Mshindo.
Support the second Saturday of February each year as the Annual International Black Comic Book Day.
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