The BLACK AGE OF COMICS  - "Indie today:  Black Age forever!"
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The Black Age of Comics • Telling Our Stories
A documentary by Barbara Jones Hogu. The Black Age of Comics Convention showcases independent comic book artists, writers and publishers who create, publish and distribute their own and others stori...
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"Telling Our Stories"
A video short produced by Barbara Jones-Hogu to interviews the founder of the Black Age of Comics along with other Black Age greats and contributors.
NEW YORK:  The 6th Annual Black Comic Book Day event is coming to the Schomburg Library in Harlem NY.,  Jan. 12 and 13th 2018.

Visit our Store Page before you go. Indie publishers need and appreciate your support and participation.

CHICAGO- Vends & Vibes took  place Dec. 9th & 10th at the almighty Arts + Public Life Arts Incubator at 301 E. Garfield Blvd. This indie arts Marketplace was a must stop & shop for the holidays. 

Featuring limited edition, often hand crafted, indie designed products, gifts and art mostly from South-Side of Chicago artists & designers. Free admission. Noon until 5pm each day. 
--------------------- "Bad Ash",  Ashley A. Woods with the real icon, Master of All Things Kick Ass, Larry Stroman! Kicked it at C2E2 Chicago Strong!
The South Side Community Art Center was named a National Treasure Nov. 8th, 2017.  It is the birthplace of the Black Age of Comics along with more vital art history. 

The DuSable Museum is the only major museum in the USA to feature a rack of indie Black Age Graphic Novels for sale in its Gift Shop. _____________
Ms Cat of ONLI STUDIOS will be auctioning off the "Black Panther" limited edition statue in near-mint condition statue to the highest bidder by the end of 2018
ONYXCON is coming as the "2018 Season of the Black Age" erupts with positive creativity, culture & commerce in Atlanta.
NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides is the title and character that opened the door to the growing Black Age of Comics genre in 1981 when it was first published. Rhythmistic concepts that predated the arrival of Afrofuturism but shares its flow.

LINK for the South Shore Current.


CALIFORNIA - "Launched the "Soul of Harmony" children's book last night @ NAACP Image Awards & it was a overwhelming success! Got mad props on the concept from celebs like "Luke Cage", "Morpheus", Congresswoman Maxine Waters & host Anthony Anderson! Rochon Perry/Cedar Grove Publishing really came through! Chgo next May 6-7! 
Stay "tooned"

Craig Rex Perry worked with ONLI STUDIOS to produce the first Black Age of Comics Convention in 1993 in Chicago att he SSCAC. The two characters on the promo of that event are his. To the left & right of Onli's Malcolm-10. "No Sell Out" & "Too Black, Too Strong". Perry and Onli were major market illustrators based in Chicago at that time with tenures "Ebony Jr.", and have both been crucial in growing the quality and impact of this genre.
-------------------------Launched way back in the 20th Century at the SSCAC in the historic Bronzeville district of Chicago! Now impacting the entire industry derived from comic books or graphic novels. 

The Black Age of Comics is a growing open innovative genre that celebrates creators, concepts and products in this amazing industry that are derived from the Black, Urban, African or Indie experience.
One does not have to be Black to participate.....just like you do not have to be Chinese or Mexican to explore their cuisine. We welcome you and yours!

Teach and Take Time for You: Strategies and Tips to Reduce Stress and Burnout Kindle Edition

Black Science Fiction Society’s flagship publication will stay true to our goal to create, highlight, celebrate and develop black science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy & horror.   

Genesis Magazine Is The Only Print & E-Magazine In The World Dedicated Exclusively To The Black Science Fiction Genre.

Join the thousands of excited fans, nerds, Blerds, and Martians who have been enjoying their favorite indie Black Age downloaded products from the ever-cool Africomics platform. 
The Africomics image is the link to downloading amazing and best Black Age products for you.

We want to thank you for trusting us to open up so many more opportunities in this genre.

 We could not do it without your support, participation, time and input.

We post the best in the Black Age that there is!
---------------------This site is viewed over 300,000 times a month by fans & collectors globally! This is the number one indie Black Age info source ever!
"Black Age Central" 

Created in 1967: Now lets make the intelligent Black Age comparison.  The Panther is the leader of a reclusive hi-tech rich  African nation.  Now that is too cool. 

Created in 1981: We love NOG who is the protector of Planet NUBA. A whole .... entire  planet of Black and mega Blue Black super bad Nubians.  He opened the door to the Black Age making him a collector's fave!


Panther: Circa 1967.

NOG : Circa 1981.

More, More…MORE!!!
Breaking in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Detroit, The Caribbean, and more
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"Living' In Da Black Age"
Most public school educators in Chicago have a $100.00 dollar, free, reimbursable budget to buy items and materials to use in the classroom per teaching and reaching students and the school's community.

The Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum of African American History is a great place to use that fund to extend the teaching and learning process dealing with the range of the Black and African experience.

ONLI STUDIOS' Graphic Novels are great for reluctant readers, energetic readers, and students that love to see how Black and African culture can be the source material for creative expression and scientific explorations.

From ONLI STUDIOS: NOG is the Protector of all of Planet NUBA. NOG is the interplanetary intergalactic cosmic character that opened the door to the Black Age movement when it was first published in 1981 by ONLI STUDIOS.

The Schomburg Announces the 2017 Black Comic Book Festival in January 2017. 


The BIG TWO publishers are wisely hiring many more diverse creatives along with pushing a broader range of characters. Why?  Because of the push and power of the intelligent indie Black Age genre since it was launched in 1993 by Prof. Onli. 



The BLACK AGE of COMICS is the expansive future of this industry.  Why be loyal to characters created in  the 1940s and 1960s?  Your music and food choices are not that lame. Characters that your grandparents grew up on?  Really?

The catalog from the 2007 Jackson State University art exhibition featuring a who's who of famous and award winning African American comics creators and characters. Preface by Dwayne McDuffie, essays by RC Harvey, Turtel Onli, Alex Simmons, Nancy Goldstein, William Foster, and curators John Jennings & Damian Duffy. All profits past printing costs are donated to the Scholarship America Disaster Relief Fund to help Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors seek post-secondary education. For more information go to:

Meet the minds behind the most important book in the Black Age....."Black Comix".
What da funk is this all about anyway?
Visit the Museum of Uncut Funk!!! Solid!
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Support the second Saturday of February each year as the Annual International Black Comic Book Day.
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