The BLACK AGE OF COMICS  - "Indie today:  Black Age forever!"
Father's Day  June 17th 2012 the first South Side Comic Con will be given free at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago. Produced by First Aid Comics Store and ONLI STUDIOS. Interest folks should contact James Nurss:
First Aid Comics
1617 East 55th Street  Chicago, IL 60615(773) 752-6642


CHICAGO: Feb 11th, 2012

The DuSable Museum's Trading Post gift shop will host a signing and discussion featuring Turtel Onli the creator / publisher of NOG, Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl and more. The Trading Post features one of the few dedicated racks of Black Age graphic novels & comic books in the USA. Time: 2pm to 5pm located at 56th & Cottage Grove in Chicago.

Museum admission required. Great for educators, fans, collectors.

Afterwards at ONLI STUDIOS at 34th & South Racine, 4th floor in Chicago's new Bridgeport Area. there will be a Black Age gathering to network and share ideas. Hours: 6pm to 11pm. Free admission. 773-726-1610 for info.
USA. Time: 2pm to 5pm located at 56th & Cottage Grove in Chicago.


Meet Black Jack in the real.  See the link below for your regular hit of this soldier of fortune. Illustration to above left is by John Jennings. Created by Alex Simmons.


To the right is $5.00 anthology, Fun Facts & Fit Tips program, the Sustah-Girl Work-Out Book from ONLI STUDIOS.

L.A.Banks, (pictured below at "BLACK AGE XIII") the brilliant and prolific inspiring creator of Vampire Huntress novels, romance novels and much more, made her transition to Black Age Sainthood August 2nd, 2011. After an amazing career as an author, mother, friend, home-girl, lecturer, teacher, intelligent person and inspiration to thousands she lost her intense battle with cancer and joined the ancestors. Black Age Central Channel to experience her in full effect.  We support her family in their lost. We are the better for her many contributions. R.I.P.

Hey Family, Here is the Jimi Hendrix Motion Comic that Rob Taylor colored and I Illustrated and colored presented by
A CLEA'ART (DMS) ANIMATED SERIES DEBUT RELEASE OFSTARRINGIt is available for download on iTunes at:

Check out Shujazz in Kenya!!!!
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ECBACC  was in Philadelphia May 21st 2011 opening the season, followed by the Motor City Black Age Convention in Detroit June 25th, 2011, then ONLI STUDIOS offered BLACK AGE XIV in Chicago July 8th, 9th, & 10th, ending with ONYX-CON III in Atlanta August 19th & 20th, 2011.
BTW: We are looking for our fans to share the best of the Black Age with the entire world. A little Black can go a long way!
March is Superhero Month
Every day in March 2011, CCM celebrated what it takes to be a superhero. Create your own superhero persona by creating a name and a cape, or design your own mini-heroes and see them fly! Find CCM’s own superheroes wandering the museum throughout the month, and then meet our own alphabet soup of superheroes on April 1 for Super Alpha-Palooza! Don’t miss out – our superheroes will only be here through April 1. Email us or call (312) 464-7715 to register your self-guided visit today!
C2E2: Friday March 18th 3:30pm Chicago IL at Mc Cormick Place: The "Black Comix" panel headed up by the brilliant authors John Jennings M.A & Damian Duffy Phd candidate. Other guests are Millennia Wars'" Ashley A. Woods BFA, "Horsemen"'s Jiba Anderson MA, "Brother Story's" Dr. Stanford Carpenter, and "NOG NU!!!"'s Turtel Onli MAAT. Hear about the impact this potent book has made in less than a year.
Tributes around the country are being planned:
Breaking News: R.I.P. A great one has passed our way:
Dwayne McDuffie, 1962-2011
Co-Founder of Milestone Media, former Marvel editor, Black Age great and writer Dwayne McDuffie passed away February 21.
Dwayne McDuffie, who earned a BA degree in English and a MS in Physics was a gifted Marvel editor and writer of such books as DAMAGE CONTROL, FANTASTIC FOUR, DEATHLOK, BEYOND! He had an immense impact on the industry.
McDuffie began his amazingly prolific and inspirational career in comics as an assistant editor for Marvel, and shortly afterward began creating and
writing comics of his own. After a number of smaller projects, McDuffie wrote the first four-issue DAMAGE CONTROL series, featuring characters he would later return to in three additional limited series.
In 1992 McDuffie co-founded Milestone Media, along with Denys Cowan, Mike Davis &    Derek Dingle, serving as Editor-in-Chief of the
company’s comics line such as Hardware, ICON, and Blood Syndicate. McDuffie and his collaborators created a number of series starring multi-cultural super heroes, with one of their creations, Static, later going on to star in his own animated television series, “Static Shock.”
In addition McDuffie went on to work on the “Justice League Unlimited,” most recently serving as a producer and Story Editor on “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.”
In 2009, McDuffie won Comic Con International’s Inkpot
Award for his impressive career in comics and animation. He was an early and continuing supporter of the first Black Age Convention held in Chicago in 1993.
He is survived by his wife and millions of fans. We give our hopes and prayers to his family and loved ones.
Did you know Annual Black Comic Book Day was on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday in February? Feb. 12th and 19th this year. Visit our blog for info and updates.  Buy & gift a book.   Celebrate this growing movement. John Jennings, MFA Professor at University of Illinois & Damian Duffy, Phd candidate,  were funny, intelligent and inspiring to a standing room only crowd of enthusiastic folks of all ages at Afri-ware in Oak Park IL.
The buying fans' feeding frenzy followed there and at the DuSable Museum earlier with host Turtel Onli, MAAT Professor at Harold Washington College.
Check out Lisa Herndon's piece on Black Comic Book Day at Hue Man!
And pay attention to Professor Bill Foster. He's so in harmony with his African ancestors, that every time he speaks, you can hear drums playing.
L. A. Banks Stalked Obamatown!!!!! The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs presented the amazing and informative "Women in Horror" Panel
Date: Monday, February 7
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00PM
Place: Claudia Cassidy Theater in the DCA, 78 East Washington St. in the Chicago Cultural Center
 There are significant educational moments, creative professionals, art work, stories, products and events that deserve to be embraced, and we are passionate about capturing and sharing those moments. Done well, emotions, personalities and sentiments shine through - creating a movement that will last a lifetime. This site will be updated often so feel free to come back from time to time.
Our specialties are helping fans and collectors to learn about the publishers, convention info and individual Black Age Art Stars, signings, book or product release dates, signing announcements and other indie or Black Age related  events. We will offer a  variety of styles, ideas, information and connections to the hottest art stars in the Black Age. Great concepts! Great art!  Great stories!
 Visit our Creators & Products Page for more on the Black Age! 
Scroll gets better.
 ESPN feautred Lance Briggs' Holiday Blitz.  This growing annual event provides needy youth with the wonder gift of comic books and graphic novels. This hard hitting member of the Chicago Bears is a big fan and supporter of comic book and graphic novels. Lance Briggs' Comics World.
Looking to build a collection or to open the door to a whole new set of characters? Want to collect rare and valuable books as an investment? Want to inspire reluctant readers? Want to see the creativity that will be movies, games and toys in the future? Want to enlighten your loved ones?  You have come to the right place. You say you want to meet cool creative folks. It is all here. Educational.  Enriching.  Exposing.
 It is an honor and a pleasure to say that the Black Age movement now hosts four conventions.  Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit & Philadelphia.
We network and endorse the Black Age movement as a source of recreational reading material and art.  These books even appeal to reluctant readers.
A reading specialist in the Chicago Public Schools is on record saying, "the thought provoking stories and art were a great educational motivator to my students. They opened up a flow of  creative writing, drawing and critical thinking among them." Since 1993 she has regularly collected books from the Chicago Black Age Convention and ONLI STUDIOS for her students' use. In an increasingly visual culture, literacy educators can profit from the use of graphic novels in the classroom, especially for young adults. The term graphic novel includes fiction as well as nonfiction text with pictures—"comics" in book format. That such works are being taken seriously is reflected in an issue of The New York Times Book Review (Eggers, 2000), which included a review of four graphic novels, and the novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Chabon, 2000) about two comics creators, which was also a Pulitzer Prize winner. Moreover, librarians have become strong supporters of graphic novels. (See, for example, Bruggeman, 1997; DeCandido, 1990; Kan, 1994).Graphic Novels Across the Curriculum Graphic novels offer value, variety, and a new medium for literacy that acknowledges the impact of visuals. These novels appeal to young people, are useful across the curriculum, and offer diverse alternatives to traditional texts as well as other mass media. They can also promote literacy.
Smart collectors are speculating on the  potential of current rare and hard to find
Black Age materials, art & books.
Serious educators are taking these books into the classroom to inspire students.
Developers & investors may contact
ONLI STUDIOS about options related
the any of its properties.
The most important book in the Black Age.
Contact us today!

This is the link for Black Age documentaries.
Meet the late true master of the craft.....and overall nice guy.We will all miss you!
Meet the minds behind the most important book in the Black Age....."Black Comix".
What da funk is this all about anyway?
Visit the Museum of Uncut Funk!!! Solid!
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Here is a sample of the Black Super Hero Montage by that master of the Black Age Mshindo.
Support the second Saturday of February each year as the Annual International Black Comic Book Day.
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