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DOWNLOAD!! ONLI STUDIOS offers  its products per your cool mobile experience via the Africomics Platform. It also  services the Trading Post Gift Shop in Chicago with its rare dedicated spinning rack that features indie Black Age graphic novels. Fans, educators and tourists love this surprising offering of creativity, culture & commerce.

End the creativity oppression of the mainstream's dominance!!!  The indie Black Age offers freedom in creativity.

Black History Month 2016: ONLI STUDIOS on the important Africomics platform, wants to move 10,000 cool mobile downloads of the most important set of African-American Black Age graphic novels from the "Father of the Black Age." Here is a cool way to add power to your graphic novels' collection so that it will be as Black as your music collection!

A hip growing way to get your Black on!!!!

Brilliant students at many Historically Black Colleges and Universities are making the growing Black Age of Comics part of their college experience.  They love this force of indie creativity, culture & commerce
The 5th Annual Chicago BLACK COMIC BOOK DAY hits Feb. 28th with a signing by Prof. Onli. the D

ONLI STUDIOS offers its hot Rhythmistic Graphic Novels in mobile formats!

The catalog from the 2007 Jackson State Universtiy art exhibtion featuring a who's who of famous and award winning African American comics creators and characters. Preface by Dwayne McDuffie, essays by RC Harvey, Turtel Onli, Alex Simmons, Nancy Goldstein, William Foster, and curators John Jennings & Damian Duffy. All profits past printing costs are donated to the Scholarship America Disaster Relief Fund to help Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors seek post-secondary education. For more information go to:
"BLACK AGE XVIII Group Exhibition" has been extended to host an closing reception Jan. 16th, 2016,  for the Dr. King weekend. It adds a national aura to the events that same weekend in NY & SF.

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Meet the minds behind the most important book in the Black Age....."Black Comix".
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Support the second Saturday of February each year as the Annual International Black Comic Book Day.
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