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Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for your cause or mission to reach the public.

Malcolm X College is on the West Side of Chicago. It specializes in medical and science related fields such as Nursing, Pre-Med, and Biology along with a strong core curriculum.  Fully accredited it is located near the Chicago Hospital District adjacent to the traditional Black Community of Chicago. 

What a fitting tribute to the scholar and champion of social justice, Malcolm X.

For Puerto Ricans, national sports are heroic, liberating and political root canals thrusting against the canine teeth of United States imperialism. Sports are supposed to bring the good side of nationalism while echoing a rallying cry indebted to the Puerto Rican nation. In a way, sports serve the sole purpose of battling the U.S. without ever considering the hypervisbility of Black bodies. When observing Puerto Rican athletes, the first thing that is noticeable is the high number of Black Puerto Rican athletes. This is nothing new for countries that have a history of slavery, racial hierarchies and systemic discrimination. In these countries, Black people were seen (and still are) as being suited for hard labor and more recently, capable of performing well in sports as it became an opportunity for Black athletes to thrive.However, there is nothing in this world that dismays Puerto Ricans more than speaking about race and racism, especially at a time when there is a massive population decrease towards the United States accompanied by the economic crisis as a result of vulture hedge funds

 Changing the Face of a Community           An Opportunity to Serve Our Community
Hope Cultural Center will be the first project to be built in Africa by Resources for Humanity a 501(c) (3) charity based in Sacramento, CaliforniaFederal Tax I.D. # 71-0875610

·      In order to continue to Change the Face of a Community, we are proposing plans for a new Multi-purpose facility in Buea , Cameroon
·      We are pleased to report that we have already secured the land which is in  Lysoka, Buea, and are now moving forward, embarking on fulfilling the vision of erecting the Multi-Purpose Center
·       Members and friends are asked to partner with us through prayer and sacrificial giving
·      The journey begins  Now
·       Your commitment to this capital campaign, through your generous pledge will allow our vision to be fulfilled!


Ogelsby Elementary School- I am a 1965 graduate of the school. Yes, it is in a troubled at-risk 'hood. It has been that long before our digital news feeds noticed. Some of my classmates there are life long friends. They are now retired Fire Captains, Lawyers, Educators, Corporate Administrators, Musicians, Artists, Accountants, Business Owners, and more. 

We all were faced with street crime back then. However we bonded together for success. Men in the area like Mr. L., ( Mr. Leonard,) ran the Boy Scouts. Him and that troop made a critical difference to many of us males who participated. Yes there were shootings. Yes we knew the shooters. They were often our school mates too. For us the body-count started back then! But that count and them were not the entire story.Philip Jackson, of Black Star, is an old high school classmate and friend. He inspired a group of Men to meet, greet and Escort students there on the first day of school. I really felt that. I am a recently CPS Art Educator / Coach among other things. So.........

I went back to donate an artist studio session to create a few banners for today's PEACE DAY Celebration at Oglesby. I found the Principal, The Art Teacher, The Clerk, The N.C.L.B. person, other staff and the 5th Graders i worked with professional, dedicated, positive, intelligent, and just so cool to be with.As that late great 20th Century philosopher from England, John Lennon, once sang" "All we are saying give PEACE a chance!!!.


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