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Eric Battle draws Black History:

Here a picture is still worth a thousand words!
The Black Age is just like eating Thai, Mexican or Italian cuisine. You love it….yet those are not your personal heritages or cultural backgrounds.


This is a competition: The Mainstream vs your Dream!

Tune In Friday, April 10th 9 PM Eastern, For A Creators Roundtable: Coping with COVID as an Independent Creative

Lions' Forge presented at the 2018 C2-E2 Comic-con, the amazing "Black Comix Returns" oversized book along with its creators, Dr. Damian Duffy & Prof. John Jennings. 


Amsterdam- The Lambiek  hosted a well attended signing Friday, March 23rd of Prof. Onli per the ONLI STUDIOS' product line.

Jerry Craft is on a roll. New products and fresh from ECBACC where he was cited as a Lifetime Pioneer Awardee.

"Launched the "Soul of Harmony" children's book last night @ NAACP Image Awards & it was a overwhelming success! Got mad props on the concept from celebs like "Luke Cage", "Morpheus", Congresswoman Maxine Waters & host Anthony Anderson! Rochon Perry/Cedar Grove Publishing really came through!
Stay "tooned"
Rex .
Black is a delicious flavor! 

LINK:  "How To Read An ONLI STUDIOS Rhythmistic Graphic Novel

LINK: "Ethnicity In Comics"

Lambiek: The largest super store of graphic novels in Europe and distributor.

Scroll down to read more about the greatest movement in graphic novels, art, writing and more!

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Maybe it takes a company that is truly diverse in its practices to move this industry to be more like  the music or food industries.  Where tastes, styles, and consumers are so willing to embrace and appreciate new and different flavors. If you are looking for real diversity, the indie Black Age publishers and convention planners are your best bet.


When we say Black Age of Comics…We mean you!!!

Visual designers, author and artist Lowell Thompson ran into Rhythmistic visual artist & indie-publisher in Chicago. They exchanged a few ideas about marketing and promotion in the areas of creativity, culture & commerce. Thompson, AKA "Man On Da Street", hails from the '68s as a serious Chicago Ad-Man and Onli is known for his growing line of fine art collections and indie-graphic novels all in the Rhythmistic style. They met in the '80s when Onli was major market illustrator and freelanced for Thompson's agency. The t-shirts do not lie!

BET Art Stars' link!!!!

 Discover the Black Age and experience the excitement
Cozuka Clan:The winners of the "Black Age XII" Cosplay Contest:  'Squeradin'.





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