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Turtel Onli on the origins of The Black Age
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Brothers - Akiboards!
Brothersby Aki Antonia c1989Akiboards on Cablevision rocking out Brothers! (Lyrics)(Wake up ..... or we all through!)You got my money yet?Don't come back without m...

The Black Age is just like eating Thai, Mexican or Italian cuisine. You love it….yet those are not your personal heritages or background.


This is a competition: the Mainstream vs our Dream
House of Logic was showcased in an amazing exhibition at the CONNECT GALLERY in Hyde Park's Harper Court.

Tune In Friday, April 10th 9 PM Eastern, For A Creators Roundtable: Coping with COVID as an Independent Creative


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Black Age XIII Artist Writer-Press Conference Discussions Part II
Black Age Art Stars, Arie Monroe, Afua Richardson, Eric Battle, Turtel Onli, N Steven Harris, writers, LA Banks and Cassandra Washington and the, interact and discuss the fun and bus...

Lions' Forge presented at the 2018 C2-E2 Comic-con, the amazing "Black Comix Returns" oversized book along with its creators, Dr. Damian Duffy & Prof. John Jennings. 

With a dope cover by Her Awesomeness, Ashley A. Woods, this focused anthology showcases the increasing array of bad-ass visual artists, cartoonists  and illustrators that drive this genre.

Woods is a fan fave star with roots in the indie Black Age movement.



Tho' folks are shy to say it, the indie Black Age Movement has not only expanded the scope and practice of this field of creativity but also launched careers of many Black men & women in this industry.

 More than a safe space to flourish many indie publishers were the first to actually contract many of these emerging overlooked talents. 

 But politics and isms makes it complicated for them to simply state that fact openly or even display those early ground breaking creative efforts for fear of losing mainstream cred or clients. That sux!.

Plus the Black Age has resurrected fallen careers to respectability and beyond.

Instead they give praises to the mainstream and not how we delivered their dream.

 Clearly our mission is not complete....yet!
Central Africa Republic-
Didier Kassai uses comics to "transmit a message." His father opposed to a career in art until Kassai began earning money for his drawings. Here he sits in his office in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.Cassandra Vinograd for NPR
Behind pea-green curtains in a steamy office in the Central African Republic's capital of Bangui, comic book artist Didier Kassai carefully dips his paintbrush into a nut brown pigment on his palette, wipes it on a scratch sheet then slowly puts it to paper. His brush strokes bring a watercolor to life – itself a scene of death. The brown is used to color the butt of a rebel's gun in a strip chronicling his country's spiraling conflict.
Amsterdam- The Lambiek  hosted a well attended signing Friday, March 23rd of Prof. Onli per the ONLI STUDIOS' product line. 

It is the oldest comic book store in Europe and the largest distributors of Graphic Novels in the European Market. Yes the Black Age is very international!
Jerry Craft is on a roll. New products and fresh from ECBACC where he was cited as a Lifetime Pioneer Awardee.
-------------------------Sick of taking such references for granted, the Brazilian comics lover and designer Hugo Canuto created “Tales of the Orishas“, a series inspired in Jack Kirby’s “The Avengers” with a crucial difference: the unbeatable super heroes are now the Orishas, divinities from the Afro Brazilian religion Candomblé, whose super powers are represented by the nature’s forces, like the wind, the sea waves, etc.
Chicago - "NOG: Nubian of Greatness , the protector of the Pyramides. Tribute hero. Art & Story by Prof. Onli. Digital color by Ashley A. Woods. Title by Monica Reilly. Publisher: ONLI STUDIOS.

online at Africomics or Peep Comix and ONLI STUDIOS. also on sale at the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum of African American History. The character and book that opened the door to the growing Black Age of Comics genre & movement when published in 1981.
Onli, Rex Perry, the amazing Sherman Beck & others were regular illustrators for Ebony JR." in the mid to late '70s. For the Johnson Publishing Company.

"Launched the "Soul of Harmony" children's book last night @ NAACP Image Awards & it was a overwhelming success! Got mad props on the concept from celebs like "Luke Cage", "Morpheus", Congresswoman Maxine Waters & host Anthony Anderson! Rochon Perry/Cedar Grove Publishing really came through!
Stay "tooned"
Craig Rex Perry worked with ONLI STUDIOS to produce the first Black Age of Comics Convention in 1993 in Chicago at the SSCAC. The two characters on the promo of that event are his. To the left & right of Onli's Malcolm-10. "No Sell Out" & "Too Black, Too Strong". Perry and Onli were major market illustrators based in Chicago at that time with tenures "Ebony Jr.", and have both been crucial in growing the quality and impact of this genre.
Black is a delicious flavor! 

LINK:  "How To Read An ONLI STUDIOS Rhythmistic Graphic Novel"

LINK: "Ethnicity In Comics"

CHICAGO - ONLI STUDIOS' limited edition oversized, bigger than the mainstream's, printed on better stock, indie  trading cards come free inside of its graphic novels and magazines. They are often given away at promotional events so that interested fans can make connections to these Rhythmistic characters and concepts.
Lambiek: The largest super store of graphic novels in Europe and distributor.

Scroll down to read more about the greatest movement in graphic novels, art, writing and more!

Don't forget to visit Black Age events to get your indie on!!!

After a serious roll out reboot of the "Black Panther", with Coates, Greene, & Stelfreeze as writer and artist,  Marvel has announced it plans to cancel the title soon due to low sells.  Word from Marvel is that the idea and practice of "diversity" is hurting its numbers.  The implication is that the standard fan-boy demographic is resistant to buying, reading or collecting diverse ,( non-White) treatments and characters.

Maybe it takes a company that is truly diverse in its practices to move this industry to be more like  the music or food industries.  Where tastes, styles, and consumers are so willing to embrace and appreciate new and different flavors. If you are looking for real diversity, the indie Black Age publishers and convention planners are your best bet.
Ashley A. Woods , of Millenia Wars' fame, is in motion moving from indie publisher and regular in Black Age and cosplay circles to now being selected to work of Marvel. 

Look for her talents in full effect NIOBE as well. 
Fans may note she was the digital colorist for the reboot of the most powerful of all Black Super Heroes, NOG the Protector of the Pyramided  In "NOG NU" and "NOG IS BACK!!" from ONLI STUDIOS.


Visit the Sights & Sound Museum of Black Culture in the North Dekalb Mall in Decatur GA.  Talk about getting a positive groove on the cultural life of Black Americans over the centuries.

Prof. Onli presented the Impact of the Black Age genre there recently to a very intelligent and passionate crowd. Knowledge, insights and potentials were shared and processed to fans the growing challenges and opportunities facing the growing Black Age of Comics. 

Photo of Kaya at the Sights & Sounds Museum with framed print ONLI STUDIOS print by Crane Hanna.

When we say Black Age of Comics…We mean you!!!

Buy early & often!


From Ms Dawson of Atlanta GA.:

Here is your photo presenting the Sustah Girl Workout Book to Mr. Horton, the owner of the Sights and Sounds Black Cultural Expo Museum.
You and the other women artists in the novel should be proud.  Many people will see this.  And as Mr. Horton told you.  We had previously………..



Exhibitions, Vendors, Publishers, Writers, Artists,
Graphic Designers,
Fashion, Designers,
and Educators all make the Black Age fierce!

Fans, Collectors, Critics, Dealers, Stores, Shops, downloads, Platforms, Gamers,
and Students push the Black Age to its max!!

Museums, Shops, Festivals, and Distributors are alive with all things Black Age.

The ever hot Ashley A. Woods is one of many art Stars that have graced the Black Age over the years. She is known for her series , 'Millennia Wars" and her latest effort, "Niobe".
Tim Jacksons intelligently researched and written book, Pioneering Cartoonists of Color which covers the careers and legacy of these seriously dope and monstrous talents.

"That what we talking about!!!

given him another copy of the book but one little girl saw the book, wanted a copy.  She got so upset and started crying so much that he gave it to her.  Now you can see the importance this book is to many young girls and young ladies.
 Mr. Onli, thank you. Jasmine, thank you.  And all of her mentors, thank you.  We gotta keep promoting our Black Artists."

Also we mean the most independent movement and genre in the world of Graphic Novels and comics.

Visual designers, author and artist Lowell Thompson ran into Rhythmistic visual artist & indie-publisher in Chicago. They exchanged a few ideas about marketing and promotion in the areas of creativity, culture & commerce. Thompson, AKA "Man On Da Street", hails from the '68s as a serious Chicago Ad-Man and Onli is known for his growing line of fine art collections and indie-graphic novels all in the Rhythmistic style. They met in the '80s when Onli was major market illustrator and freelanced for Thompson's agency. The t-shirts do not lie!


There is an emergence of graphic novels from Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa worth looking into and collecting.

Following the path of kick-ass Ashley A. Woods is inspiring. Prof. Onli calls her "Bad-Ash" due to her intense work ethic and amazing stylizations.  She speaks in the visual.

Syndicated cartoonist and illustrator Tim Jackson offers an unprecedented look at the rich yet largely untold story of African American cartoon artists. This book provides a historical record of the men and women who created seventy-plus comic strips, many editorial cartoons, and illustrations for articles. The volume covers the mid-1880s, the early years of the self-proclaimed black press, to 1968, when African American cartoon artists were accepted in the so-called mainstream.

The 2016 Season of the Black Age is open with events coming in Atlanta, Detoroit and Philadelphia for a start.  Participation is key in this amazing open sourced movement in creativity, culture & commerce.

 On record, the worlds first and longest running indie Black Age event was produced in Chicago by ONLI STUDIOS in 1993.  Now it is a world wide power!

Black History Month 2016: ONYX CON's Sankofa event in Atlanta was awesome. Joseph Wheeler III & creatives like Jazzy Bear were rocking to faithful fans and more.  
ONLI STUDIOS on the important Africomics platform, wants to move 10,000 cool mobile downloads of the most important set of African-American Black Age graphic novels from the "Father of the Black Age." Here is a cool way to add color to your graphic novels' collection so that it will be as Black as your music collection!
A hip growing way to get your Black on!!!!

"BLACK AGE XVIII" was an amazing convening of the best, most intelligent and important minds of the Black Age movement.

Philo Barnhart, Former Disney animator, is now a consultant at ONLI STUDIOS.  Prof. Onli invited Barnhart to present  to his Studio Drawing  and Art Appreciation Classes at the Harold Washington College in Chicago where Onli teaches.
The students were 100% engaged...and loved every moment of it!  Go Philio!!!

We are about process, product and promise!

At "BLACK AGE XVII" & the presentations for "Funky Turns 40" traveling exhibition, one of the founders of the Museum of UnCut Funk, Pam, met the founder of the Black Age Movement, Turtel., at the DuSable Museums 40th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival.

Jun O came from Tokyo to visit ONLI STUDIOS  experience Rhythmistic Graphic Novels first hand. She collected several books to share the ONLI STUDIOS' product with her friends in Japan. She was excited to learn about the Black Age Movement and its growing potential.

ONLI STUDIOS offered Jun a contract to publish her works about the late classic Chicago Bluesman, Lefty Dizz.

At the 2014 Wizards' Chicago Comic Con we had a great conversation dealing with mainstream Black Age characters. We, being, Maurice, Ant, Stanford, Onli, Ashley, Kendra, & Ytasha.

The "PARAGON ORDER" illustration is a creation of the Black Age great artist, Eric Battle.


This growing movement in comics and graphic novels is open to everyone who loves the medium and wants to see it expand

Ms Jazzy Bear, young, talented, and so Rhythmistic, was recently featured in Atlanta at the ONYX CON program.

These images are from Black Age of Comics related  events in cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Kansas City,and University City. Conventions like C2E2! Wizards, and Black Age Conventions.

We love our fans!!!" This is a matter of independent creativity, culture, & commerce!

Looking is great...buying is better. Future collections will boast many indie Black Age treasures.

ONLI STUDIOSmobile products link:

The 2nd Saturday in February:

We are rapidly growing our indie Black Age market share through the efforts of four annual conventions, the annual Black Comic Book Day, a growing list of true great Black Age Art Stars,  year long sales at Chicago's  DuSable Museum's Trading Post Gift Shop, plus online store tags on the HOME PAGE at Black Age of "The Mshindo Montage",  and the impact of the "Black Comix" book by Jennings & Duffy.  Not to mention the coming "High Rise Projects" promotions.

We are looking to sell hundreds of thousands of products on a regular basis in markets on an international level. 

To Blackuns everywhere, of every race & culture, we sincerely thank you for your growing support, creativity, collecting and sharing our mission, passion, and products."Indie today: Black Age Forever!"
 Onli, M.A.A.T.
For more information:

Learn about Creators, Products, & Resources to add to your collections:

Our operation is based on the belief that your interests are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, our traffic is growing daily on an global level. Our focus is to grow this amazing genre and exciting creative form of reading entertainment, artwork, and related products to a level that reaches around the world with positive impact.  We have what has been missing for decades in this industry.  The Black Age!

Collect them all! 

Black Age books are on sell daily at the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum in Chicago and in Europe via  the Lambiek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Your participation is encouraged. All images posted on this site are protected by the copyright and trademark holders themselves.  We hold no rights to these images and post them for educational purposes.  Should you want to use them commercially please contact the creative professionals to make those arrangements.
BET Art Stars' link!!!!
 It has the Art Stars! It has the products!  It has the conventions!  It has the participation of educators from every level. It has the publishers!  It has the unifying "Black Comix" coffee table book of amazingly talented art stars!  It has the annual Glyph Awards! It has the Mshindo Montage! It has the growing fan and collectors' base! It has the Future Funk 'zine & pricing guide! It has online stores. It has the press!  It has the skills!  It has the history! It has expanded this industry and it is now its future!!!

 Discover the Black Age and experience the excitement
Scroll down to see why once you go Black you won't go back!!! 
 Everything on this site is connected.
 Indie today:
Art Stars group shot at the first ONYX-CON in Atlanta, August 2009.
Young Blackuns learning how to become Billionaires at "Black Age XIII"!
Cozuka Clan:The winners of the "Black Age XII" Cosplay Contest:  'Squeradin'.
Sci-fi meets horror with a conversation between Nnedi Okorafor and the late

Parents and teachers find that these great comic books and graphic novels make great reading material for reluctant readers. Nationwide fans, tourists and educators are buying "Black Comix" by Jennings & Duffy along with a growing selection of Black Age books, graphic novels and comic books.
The second Saturday in February is the  Annual Black Comic Book Day.  Look for events and signings at a location near you.
The following is a partial list of various Black Age publishers and studios.  Be sure to ask about the "ratings" of the products they produce.  Comic books and graphic novels may have surprising content.  Some are historic or educational.  Some are urban with a lot of action.  Others may be based in fantasy or sci-fi.  While others could be counter-cultural or even erotic in nature. 
Pioneering Cartoonists of Color:
Graphic Novel by N. Steven Harris
A.D. by Saab Lofton
by John Faucette
Creative Brother's Sci-Fi Magazine
E-novels and Paperbacks now published by the Hard Shell Word Factory SCI-FI/Horror--Finalist 2000: The EPIC SCI-FI/Mystical?Finalist in the 2001 DREAM REALMS Awards--SOUL TRAVELER, "What good is it to live forever, when you can't remember who you are?"
"Gritz N Gravy" magazine is complete and ready
The Moons of Palmares by Zainab Amadahy (Sister Vision Press)
Phoenix Tales: Stories of Death & Life by Gregory Bernard Banks
L. R. Giles

The ISBN:9781595267245; llumina press.
SUSPENSE FROM BLACK WRITERS New fiction available at
by Elbert Lewis, Jr.
by Edward Uzzle
By Warren L. Jones
Temple of the Sky by Rahkyt
"WARNING," a Sci-Fi Novel By Bill Liggins
By Marjarie Darcene Person
Zon: A Novel by Gregory K. Morris
Black Age of Comics  #468 at 1448 East 52nd Street Chicago, IL 60615 USA

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