The BLACK AGE OF COMICS  - "Indie today:  Black Age forever!"
BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!------------
Whatz in your collection!
From Prof. Onli first Black Age Convention in 1993 in the early days of the Black Age of Comics.

To ECBACC & beyond! To images by the likes of Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris and Afua Richardson and others at recent annual Black Age events.  Plus published articles. 
All expressing the power and impact of the growing Black Age of Comics genre.

The mainstream knows full well the power of this force and has responded by hiring more folks of color to work on a variety of productions along with marketing its characters of color as never before.

Fans are collecting with a hunger. Lusting and feeding on this really needed and highly valued endless growth of creativity, culture & commerce that is expanding the worlds of Graphic Novels, Comic Books and related form of entertainment.

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