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ONLI STUDIOS' books come packaged in resealable plastic , with an acid free backing board, an oversized trading card. That is four items for the price of one.  

The mainstream only gives you a book….with no protection or collector's trading cards. ONLI STUDIOS values your time and interests.

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Tales From The Rhythmic Zone
Over 90 color pages of intense storytelling and Rhythmistic art from the ONLIVERSE. NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides, Wolfshead, and the Azaniac are collected here in a union of origin tales, action, along with an opening to a new way of Graphic Noveling. Packed in plastic along with ONLI STUIOS' over-sized greeting cards.
Price: $20.00

Punkin's Imagination
Punkin is a little boy who uses his imagination to conjure up positive characters as playmates when he is by himself. His imagination is a fun filled interactive fantasy life. This book has coloring pages per each cartoon character along with two blank pages where the reader can create his or her own unique characters.
Price: $3.00

The Sustah-Girl Work Out Book
"Get Into Super Hero Shape!" This is an actual work-out and fitness guide featuring the main character, illustrated by various talented female artists, making healthy choices. It includes a Work Out Plan, spaces for personal notes and technical tips and resource information about various forms of fitness practices. Afua Richardson, Ashley A. Woods Jasmine Dawson & Sara Richards are along the illustrators included. Comes packaged in plastic with a backing board and over-sized ONLI STUDIOS' trading cards.
Price: $4.00
Downloadable Products
Downloadable Products
Free your mind! Africomics offers a growing selection of Black Age products for you to enjoy. They share the love, joy, power and potential of growing the Graphic Novels to meet the need for being more creative. More impressive. Original and innovative. Great art, design, stories and concepts.
Crack-Zombies beware!!! Introducing the unique action character that is cloned from the DNA of 10 important Black Americans and programmed to resolve issues dangerous to the citizens of New Afrika, Non-stop action and interventions in a liberating manner. The amazing Rhythmistc Black & White art is a fresh approach to visual storytelling This vintage book comes with ONLI STUDIOS over-sized trading cards and is packed in plastic with backing board.
Price: $2.00
You will love owning this unique Rhythmistic original acrylic painting by Prof. Onli. It shows the main female she roes of the ONLIVERSE. The Root Lady, Sustah-Girl and Sick Sista. Curators and serious collectors appreciate the long term value of owning rare original fine art. SIZE: 40"W X 28"H on canvas.
Price: $3,500.00
NOG Emerging
Serious curators and collectors fine this impressive original 40"W X 28"H acrylics on canvas painting by Prof. Onli. It was painted for the 2015 exhibition and convention in Chicago at the historic South Side Community Art Center. It was also exhibited to positive acclaim at the African American Cultural Center of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Onli is known in fine art circles for his Rhythmistic visual art innovations.
Price: $3,500.00
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