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About Us:

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This is an info site that supports the proven positive players in the growing independent BLACK AGE OF COMICS genre & movement.

We post items and images based on our positive professional history and relationships with a wide variety of artists, writers, producers & publishers to focus attention to them.

We have offered this service for free since our launch in 2010.

Our purpose is to educate, enrich, enlighten, encourage and to expose the range and potential of the indie Black Age of Comics and its associates.  

"The above picture shows my fantastic Soul Sync, Bro. Yumi, the visionary founder of ECBACC, presenting me with a Life Time Achievement Award at Temple University as part of a crucial positive ECBACCA uprising.  This tribute...from my peers, that  helped to heal the impact of a serious studio-live-work-space fire that had derailed me a bit for a few years.  I can never thankshim, his crew, the folks I met there for administering  Art Therapy to this former professional art therapist!"  Prof. Onli.

 ( NOTE: Yumi and Onli were having deep conversations in the late 1980s about the need and space to grow this place.  The Black Age! )

We appreciate your participation in all things Black Age. "Indie today: Black Age Forever!"

You will love our Store and Gallery sections. They are designed to meet the needs of so many of you smart fans and hip viewers worldwide who have written us to express their interest in being able to see and collect more great indie artwork and to be able to easily collect some Black Age products.

Be Free!! We are here for you!

You want to be free of the mainstream's narrow but dominate flow of characters and concepts launched during the Great Depression. That oppression of creativity is over. The Black Age is here!!!




We have grown the Black Age movement to its extreme potential. Your participation is very important in extending this process. Just by visiting this site you have added so much energy to our fun filled flow. Our operation is based on the belief that our visitors' needs and interests are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. This includes educating the masses about the diverse and open positive range of concepts and practices that is everything Black Age. 

In any subject area, studying a graphic novel can bring media-literacy into the curriculum as students examine the medium itself. Students can explore such questions as how color affects emotions, how pictures could stereotype people, how angles of viewing affect perception, and how realism or the lack of it plays into the message of a work. An important benefit of graphic novels is that they present alternative views of culture, history, and human life in general in accessible ways, giving voice to minorities and those with diverse viewpoints.

Location: The World!!