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"The Black Age of Comics Rules!"

A virtual convention in real-time!

For maximum impact the entire month of February 2023 will find us organizing, showcasing, redesigning, updating, editing, discovering, and adding selected, yet very interesting, & truthful aspects of the power and real influence of all things indie Black Age.  

(All images and characters shown on this site are copyrighted by their creators and publishers.  They are shared here for educational or research purposes and should not be rebooted or remixed for commercial applications without written agreements with those creators or publishers.}

This will include Suggested Readings, Live Interviews with a few Black Age Greats, Vending Options, Lesson Plans along with selected video clips of then and now. All flowing through the open-sourced impact, growth and potential of the Black Age as a genre and as a moment. 

Special luv per our support from the ever-cool folks at Punx of Rage for providing the interview section! 

LINK: Blog Talk Radio / Punx of Rage.

 Right On!!!

We are embracing the accomplishments of various indie conventions, products, creators and genres that have erupted since that faithful month of February 1993 when ONLI STUDIOS dropped the first Bold Black Age Bomb, at the historic South Side Community Art Center, in the vital Bronzeville District of Chicago. 

This sensational surge of energy, on the parts of so many, went on to expand this dynamic industry to openly celebrate and consume ideas, creators, concepts, styles, practices, and products derived from the Black, African, Urban, and Alternative experiences. 

There will be a few tributes imbedded. 

You will have fun trying to identify these images as a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is all about this indie wave-length of creativity, content, culture & commerce!

Scholars, Fans, Students, Collectors and Curriculum Coordinators should be able to grow complete collections of indie Black Age Graphic Novels, Comix, Activity Books & Products at their favorite Independent Comic-Store, Black Owned Book Store, Cultural or Community Arts Center. If not, please suggest these products to them.

Or simply contact various indie publishers. 

(When you scroll more you will see covers of our Suggested Readings along with some resources for the classroom.)

About Us

Our positive impact is based on the fact that our followers, researchers, fan's and customers' interests are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs in the past, present and future. As a result this industry is more open. More diverse. More accepting of the independent practices, productions, and celebrations of concepts, content, styles and creators derived from the Black, African, Alternative, or Urban experience.

The BLACK AGE OF COMICS was officially launched in 1993. In Chicago's Bronzeville District, at the historic South Side Community Art Center following the definitive forward thinking article written by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T., published in The Comics Buyers' Guide in February of that same year.

2021 was the 80th anniversary of the

South Side Community Art Center.

That was in February of 1993 at the National Treasure, The South Side Community Art Center, in the historic Bronzeville district of Chicago. 

 The SSCAC  is the last functioning art center from the WPA  days of the "New Deal"! The likes of Gordon Parks, Charles White, BAG: The Black Arts Guild, and Elizabeth Gatlith along with others worked and emerged from there. 

Bronzeville was a major destination during the Great Migrations of the early 20th Century. 

Keep Scrolling to see our Suggested Reading items, plus Lesson Plan Resources.

LINK: Tribute video of the late great L. A. Banks: Amazing creative writer, humanist, and gifted prolific author.

Lesson Plans & Resources:


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