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Progress matters!
Art worthiness
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Progress matters!

Dec. 5th 2020 finds Prof. Onli energized in the progress of the indie growing Black Age of Comics genre. It has laid the foundation to true diversity in this industry.

Not only in the independent sectors but the mainstream has responded over the decades by promoting and producing its, until recent times, under performing Black Age characters such as the Black Panther, Storm and Black Lightning. 

A lot has grown since Prof. Onli dared to declare the arrival of a new open sourced powerful independent movement in 1993, called The Black Age of Comics.

Art worthiness

A picture is still worth a thousand words.

Please visit our Gallery for more Art and collecting options.

Flow go..........

ONLI STUDIOS is about the Fun, Fire & Funk in Rhythmistic or Afrofuture concepts, characters and styles in places and flow where the mainstream can't go!


Dec. 2020.

Covid related modifications has hit the Creative Arts World hard.  This will create a host of positive adaptations such as our newGallery Section'sunique auction of rare original Rhythmisitc Fine Art from the founder of the Black Age of Comics genre, Prof. Onli. 

These exquisite selected works of art are now available via our Modern Auction process.
They have never been put to auction before and are not handled through the traditional gallery system that is both out dated and costly to you.

Grants, Investors, Advertisers.

Philo Barnhart is the consulting director of animation with ONLI STUDIOS. Master Animator of former Disney and FIlmation fame, Philo Barnhart is the Consulting Director of Animation at ONLI STUDIOS.  He has adapted "Punkin's Imagination" for future development.  

This project is an investor's dream!

ONLI STUDIOS has a program for developers, capital investors,advertisers and venture savy entities in the form of intellectual properties, games, animation and movie deals.  International concerns are welcomed to participate in this unique opportunity.

International Online Store & Gallery

Uique Highly Valued Fine Art Auction Option Added!

We have moved into the exciting world of auctioning fine art. The selected works of Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. who has a Doctor's Degree in Art Education and is known as the founder of the Rhythmistic Visual Arts practice.
Visit ourGallery Pageto be a part of one of the most unique fine art auction ever!                           Onli is known and respected in Fine Art circles for his pioneering the "Rhythmistic" Visual Art genre & practice.

Investment and Development Opportunities

'Yellow No Evils"Acrylics on 40"W X 30"H canvas by Turtel Onli. Circa 1990s.
It re-contextualizes the ancient proverb, Seek No, Speak No, & Heed No Evils. Available via our exclusive auction to the right intelligent, independent collector of fantastic and rare contemporary Fine Art.  Great for the home, office or museum.Auction Link

Dec. 1st 2020:

"Ownership is the highest form of Appreciation!"

We are excited to announce that we have launched our new Fine Art Option feature per our

Bio & Interview Father of the Black Age

Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. "Father of the Black Age of Comics"

"NOG NU!!"

Indie vs Mainstream! What side say you?

Dec. 7th, 2020

The orginal pages from, the 1981 highly collectibale, "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides" will be included in a publication to be released next year tentatively entitled, "Black Chicago Cartoonists".  This book will along with actual pages from "NOG" and ONLI STUDIOS, plus Turtel Onli, will be included in a massive group exhibition called "Chicago Cartoonists" at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chciaog.

The Black Panther & the Black Age????

Dec. 11th 2020

The Father of the Black Age is re-offering a rare, limited edition near mint condition statue of the Black Panther via auction. It was pulled from auction rotations in 2018 for technical reasons.  Now it is back! Returning to provide the collectors world a better chance to secure something really precious.

Here you can see pictures of it along with its signed and numbered base. It is more rare than an "Oscar" or a "Grammie" award.  Serious collectors....
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