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Da Black Age 1993-Now!
"Indie today: Black Age Forever!"
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Da Black Age 1993-Now!

The innovative indie Black Age of Comics Movement is winning in this war for minds......

There is so much creative action that its everywhere....and there too!

Hit the link:

"Indie today: Black Age Forever!"

Now thatThe Mousehas made it legit to say or think,"Black / African derived super hero"folks can rise up and openly participate with indie Black Age of Comics' creators and their continued lines of amazing products.

After decades of being "Indie Black adverse" many can now deal in legal Black-Money by collecting and gifting indie-Black Age products.  Putting them in the hands of so many hungry deserving fans and students.

The Mousehas come a long way since his early minstrlal shimy days to rise and rule.


This temporary odd-ball public art work was featured in Chicago during Chicago Artists' Month.


The growing Black Age movement offers many opportunities for you to get your Black on.  

In various markets creativity, culture & commerce converge in this exciting force of appreciation and expression. Black is a flavor.  Just as Thai, Mexican or Jamaican are amazing cuisine flavors.  The Black Age of Comics Movement is cooking up a storm of tasty treats for you and many more.

Sunday, September 2, 2012
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Writers share their literary works during short lively and informative book talks.

Grants, Investors, Advertisers.

Philo Barnhart is the consulting director of animation with ONLI STUDIOS. Master Animator of former Disney and FIlmation fame, Philo Barnhart is the Consulting Director of Animation at ONLI STUDIOS.  He has adapted "Punkin's Imagination" for future development.  

This project is an investor's dream!

ONLI STUDIOS has a program for developers, capital investors,advertisers and venture savy entities in the form of intellectual properties, games, animation and movie deals.  International concerns are welcomed to participate in this unique opportunity.

International Online Store & Gallery

Welcome to Spaceship Earth: 

Indie vs Mainstream?

We will be creating
an online store and gallery page in the Fall of 2011. We average over 200, 00 views a month worldwide.To cover our growing costs we will charge an annual fee to have items posted on both pages.

Those who have items posted will be able to list direct links so that the interested parties can go to them direct for purchases and feedback.

This is a chance to reach fans, students and creative folks in countries like

Investment and Development Opportunities

HIGH RISE PROJECTS is a growing creative joint venture to open  up the potential of this vast underserved and growing market that is being denied its creative voice by the mainstream.  

BTW:  This site is confirgured for mobile access.LINK
ONLI STUDIOSis re-organizing to offer development rights to its hot copyrighted landmark intellectual properties.  Investors and production studios are encouraged to contact ONLI STUDIOS directly about the unique options related to this goal.

Party with the panelists!!!!!!!!

C2E2 in Chicago at the McCormick Place March 18th Duffy & Jennings the brains behind the landmark "Black Comix" hardbound book will be hosting a panel at 3:30pm.

Plus you can hang with them later in Hyda Park at a bar called the Falcon at 53rd between Lake Park & Cornell 7pm to 10pm.

Aside from being the birthplace of the Black Age Hyde park is the same'hood where President Obama has his personal home. Check us out!!!!!!

Bio & Interview Father of the Black Age

C2E2 Chicago March 18th / 20th 2011

AtC2E2: Friday March 18th 3:30pm Chicago IL at McCormick Place: Check out the "Black Comix" panel headed up by the brilliant authors John Jennings M.A & Damian Duffy Phd candidate. Other panelists are Millennia Wars'" Ashley A. Woods BFA & Mike Smith !!, "Horsemen"'s Jiba Anderson MA, "Brother Story's" Dr. Stanford Carpenter, and "NOG NU!!!"'s Turtel Onli MAAT. Hear about the impact this potent book has made in less than a year.
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