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The Black Panther & the Black Age????

Dec. 11th 2020

The Father of the Black Age is re-offering a rare, limited edition near mint condition statue of the Black Panther via auction. It was pulled from auction rotations in 2018 for technical reasons.  Now it is back! Returning to provide the collectors world a better chance to secure something really precious.

Here you can see pictures of it along with its signed and numbered base. It is more rare than an "Oscar" or a "Grammie" award.  Serious collectors.....the right collector will love securing this true fine of the decade.

Interested collectors should use the Contact Form at the bottom of our Gallery Page.

When Jack Kirby created and produced the Black Panther for Marvel Comics in the mid-'60s. The Panther was to super-heroes what Jackie Robinson was to Major League baseball. While the Panther has continued to be a tremendous performer critics often question his connection, if any, to the growing independently driven Black Age movement.

Sort of like thinking of the indie Black Age movement as the old Negro Leagues in Baseball in that had they continued would now be the third major league. However most Black Age creators are on record with praise for the legacy and treatments presented with the Black Panther.

Educators, scholars and astute fans appreciate how it weaves history in the same manner some of the best Black Age books do. Static, The Fringe,  and NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides  come to mind in terms of using a fantasy based character as the foundation for presenting some important yet overlooked aspects of African or Black history.