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Collecting in the indie Black Age!
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BLACK AGE XXIII / Hyde Park Komix-Kon


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Collecting in the indie Black Age!

Travelers to Chicago often take in the local creative Black Age scene.  Museums, Art Galleries and the few places that carry indie Black Age products.

1st Aid Comics in Hyde Park at 1617 East 55th Street

THe DuSable Museum Giftshop
5700 south Cottage Grove.

"Why is your music collection Blacker than your comics or graphic novel collections?"

BLACK AGE XXIII / Hyde Park Komix-Kon

ONLI STUDIOS, LLC is excited to announce its 23rd edition of the Black Age of Comics Convention Chicago.  This is a dual event. Introducing the 1st Hyde Park Komix Kon.

It will be Sept. 28th 2019 at the Kenwood Academy High School, 9am / 5pm. 

Free Admission:  Vendors, Exhibitions, Student Art, Cosplay, Workshops, Video Short Contest and Educators Workshops.

"Indie today: Black Age Forever!"

Now thatThe Mousehas made it legit to say or think,"Black / African derived super hero"folks can rise up and openly participate with indie Black Age of Comics' creators and their continued lines of amazing products.

After decades of being "Indie Black adverse" many can now deal in legal Black-Money by collecting and gifting indie-Black Age products.  Putting them in the hands of so many hungry deserving fans and students.

The Mousehas come a long way since his early minstrlal shimy days to rise and rule.


This temporary odd-ball public art work was featured in Chicago during Chicago Artists' Month.


The growing Black Age movement offers many opportunities for you to get your Black on.  

In various markets creativity, culture & commerce converge in this exciting force of appreciation and expression. Black is a flavor.  Just as Thai, Mexican or Jamaican are amazing cuisine flavors.  The Black Age of Comics Movement is cooking up a storm of tasty treats for you and many more.

Sunday, September 2, 2012
1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Writers share their literary works during short lively and informative book talks.
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