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Thanks for dropping by. You will find the growing Black Age movement to be the most independent movement in the creation of comic books, games, graphic novels and the like.The Black Age is a genre.  A force.  It is inclusive.  It gives presence to a variety of creators whose works are derived from the Urban, Black or African experience yet often retold and illustrated with a universal appeal.

The purpose here is to connect you to the creators of these great products.  This way you can support your favorite Art Stars and their growing range of products and services.

Black Comic Book Day!!!!!!

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The Annual National Black Comic Book Day is Feb. 12th, 2011. The second Saturday of February.

Look for an event near you! Gift, share, sell, & create. In Chicago IL at theDuSable Museum Turtel Onliwill be signingONLI STUDIOS'new release,"NOG NU!"along with introducing its first set of autographed trading cards.

In Atlanta GAJoseph Wheeler III andTHE NAOwill be presenting"The NAO"and the "Black Comix" book along with other products at theBarnes &Noble's Book Store
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