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Party with the panelists!!!!!!!!

C2E2 in Chicago at the McCormick Place March 18th Duffy & Jennings the brains behind the landmark "Black Comix" hardbound book will be hosting a panel at 3:30pm.

Plus you can hang with them later in Hyda Park at a bar called the Falcon at 53rd between Lake Park & Cornell 7pm to 10pm.

Aside from being the birthplace of the Black Age Hyde park is the same'hood where President Obama has his personal home. Check us out!!!!!!

C2E2 Chicago March 18th / 20th 2011

AtC2E2: Friday March 18th 3:30pm Chicago IL at McCormick Place: Check out the "Black Comix" panel headed up by the brilliant authors John Jennings M.A & Damian Duffy Phd candidate. Other panelists are Millennia Wars'" Ashley A. Woods BFA & Mike Smith !!, "Horsemen"'s Jiba Anderson MA, "Brother Story's" Dr. Stanford Carpenter, and "NOG NU!!!"'s Turtel Onli MAAT. Hear about the impact this potent book has made in less than a year.
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