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About Us

Going Green An e-book that is playable as a PDF on thoughtful easy sustainable ways to go green in the urban setting with the cute "Button-Heads" as guides.
Punkin's Imagination Punkin is a little boy who uses his imagination to conjure up positive characters as playmates when he is by himself. His imagination is a fun filled interactive fantasy life. This book has coloring pages per each cartoon character along with two blank pages where the reader can create his or her own unique characters.
Sustah-Girl Work Out Book This is an e-book version of the fitness / workout / journal guide for sisters of all ages and stages. Mostly illustrated by talented female artists showing various workout routines, helpful Fun Facts, healthy Fit Tips.
East / West ZODIAC Journal This e-book journal reference book compares and contrasts the Chinese and Western Horoscope systems.
Sasa, The New Face of Horror This e-book version of the classic most terrible horror story ever conceived. It even terrorizes its creator. It is the original story telling us how Sasa avoids the zombie-like slavin' to the cravin' for human flesh. Horror at a new level!
NOG NU This dynamic e-book version of the first story about the most powerful hero in the Black Age! NOG: Nubian of Greatness. The fore runner of All Things Afro Future! The true absolute Guardian of the Pyramides of Planet NUBA. He is beyond the rest. In full Rhythmistic flow. Fantasy, and SIc-fi to the next Fun, Fire and Funk merging.
NOG IS BACK!!! The continuing war story about NOG as he must do battle with Mag-Non the T-Monster to defend all that is Planet NUBA. Sci-fi and fantasy that pre-dated current trends and set the stage for the expanding of this industry. Rhythmistic in visuals and narrations. A masterwork for ONLI STUDIOS in e-book form to serious readers like you!
NOG NARRATIVES This awesome e-book version brings us deeper into the battles and the war for Planet NUBA. NOG meets other Rhyhmistic Heroes on Planet Earth and they agree to be a part of his war. They know Earth will be next as the Ang are merciless in their lust to conquer and destroy all that is intelligent life. To spread death and obliterate all that is history. This is the sci-fi fantasy narrative you have wanted. One that goes where the mainstream will not! The hybrid of illustration, narrative art adn a great story.

committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.


Chicago, IL USA


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