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Black Comic Book Day!!!!!!

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The Annual National Black Comic Book Day is Feb. 12th, 2011. The second Saturday of February.

Look for an event near you! Gift, share, sell, & create. In Chicago IL at the DuSable Museum Turtel Onli will be signing ONLI STUDIOS' new release, "NOG NU!" along with introducing its first set of autographed trading cards.

In Atlanta GA Joseph Wheeler III and THE NAOwill be presenting "The NAO" and the "Black Comix" book along with other products at the Barnes &Noble's Book Store.

Detroit MI finds Andre Battle the creator of  "Dreadlocks" and the Motor City Black Age Con planning an event with the detials yet to come in.

Harlem NY at the Hue Man Bookstore Jerry Craft creator of Mamas Boyz & N. Steven Harris creator of the Fringe will be intorducing a dedicated rack of Black Age products on Feb. 19th to close down the national celebration of Back Comic Book Day.

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