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Grants, Investors, Advertisers.

 Master Animator of former Disney and FIlmation fame, Philo Barnhart is the Consulting Director of Animation at ONLI STUDIOS.  He has adapted "Punkin's Imagination" for future development.  

Philo Barnhart is the consulting director of animation with ONLI STUDIOS.

This project is an investor's dream!

ONLI STUDIOS has a program for developers, capital investors,advertisers and venture savy entities in the form of intellectual properties, games, animation and movie deals.  International concerns are welcomed to participate in this unique opportunity.


Are you ready to meet the needs of a vast underserved market??






In this case your vote makes the difference.




Turtel Onli M.A.A.T.

Chief Operating Artist


1200 West 35th Street

Chicago IL 60609




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