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Investment and Development Opportunities

HIGH RISE PROJECTS is a growing creative joint venture to open  up the potential of this vast under-served and growing market force that is being denied its full creative presence by the mainstream. 


May 10th 2020: 

E-Books Store Link

I am so glad you are all smart safe and securely sheltered in place during these times.  We at ONLI STUDIOS are doing the same. Following your intellegent lead.  Also still looking to grow our creative impact with streaming options, animation potentials and actual E-Books offered on this info site.  Your participation of buying and sharing those e=books will help pay to keep this vital, free voice online. 

As you know....this is a simple competition for minds & market shares. Its the indie dream vs the lockdown from the mainstream.  New ideas, styles and characters abound.  This site is still an open voice to showcase them.

But we all takes money.....Money that is as good as cash.  By ordering a few E-Books here, you will extend out reach.  You will give value to your passion for all things indie.

Thank you for your precious time and support! Link to E-Books


BTW:  This site is configured for mobile access. LINK



ONLI STUDIOS is re-organizing to offer development rights to its hot copyrighted landmark intellectual properties.  Investors and production studios are encouraged to contact ONLI STUDIOS directly about the unique options related to this goal. 

ONLI STUDIOS' Chief Operating Artist, Turtel Onli is often referred to as the" Father of the Black Age" genre for coining the term, "The Black Age" and producing the first Black Age of Comics Convention 1993. Here is a link to ONLI STUDIOS' web site. 


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