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Buy & Collect These Mega Hot Indie Products!

Free your mind from the oppression of the mainstream!

We offer you a growing range of unique amazing products to suit a variety of budgets and intelligent tastes.

Our most popular products are shown below.

Rhythmistic Graphic Novels, Mobile & Original Fine Art.

Collectable limited-edition books come packaged

in resealable plastic, with an acid free backing board, and oversized trading cards.

The mainstream makes you pay for packaging!

Our limited edition trading-cards come free to you!

It is our show of appreciation of your participation in our growth as the leader in indie publishing and the expansion of the Black Age of Comics.

Bigger is betta! Our Trading Cards are twice the size with a greater speculative after market due to our limited edition practice.

Most know that the mainstream sells its fans their half-sized mass-produced trading cards. Pushing zillions with little after market value.

The mainstream only gives you a mass-produced book….with

no protection or collector's trading cards.


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What$ In Your Collection?

Free shipping anywhere but Mars!

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